About Us

Our Chef moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2012 with a love for baking that stems back to his family, who has been in the confectionery industry for more than 30 years. Though his day job is managing supply chain planning for a PC hardware company, he loves to travel and has lived in numerous countries. Throughout his travels and countries of residence, he has been searching for a French mille (meaning "thousand") crêpe cake of the caliber his family makes back home. Not being able to find anything close to that level, he started baking in his off time, working to perfect the classic cake based on his family recipe. 

From this passion — and the support of his family — Anton SV Pâtisserie was created, focusing on mille crêpe cakes, painstakingly hand-made with no less than 20 paper-thin crêpes seamlessly layered with cream, elegant and rich, yet light and nearly dissolving to taste. Sugar is balanced and subtle, resulting in a dessert that satisfies the sweet tooth but allows quality ingredients and texture to shine.

Our sincere commitment to customer satisfaction means that each and every Mille Crêpe Cake is delivered at its peak. We look forward to sharing our family version of this rare French classic with you.

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